Rego Inspections


Vehicle Inspection Information for Hobart & greater Tasmania

In Tasmania your vehicle must have an inspection and a certificate presented before registration of that vehicle can occur in the following situations.

  • The vehicle has been unregistered longer than three months.
  • If it is a new vehicle that has not been registered via the dealer registration scheme.
  • The vehicle is being transferred from interstate.


Registration Stickers

The production and issuing of rego stickers in Tasmania was phased out in September 2012. Meaning motorists are no longer required to display a rego sticker. This move affects light vehicles under the 4.5 tonne gross vehicle mass weight and includes:

Cars & station wagons
Utes & vans
Trailer & horse floats
These changes do not apply to heavy vehicles over the 4.5t GVM.


How do I know when to register my car now?

For many of us our rego stickers were our little reminder for when the vehicle's registration is due. Now that they have been removed it could be harder to remember when it's due, and If you do forget you could be slugged up to $400. 

Luckily you will  receive your registration renewal notice six weeks prior to the expiration date but did you know you can also check online? You can view whether a vehicle is registered, plus other information, through the new Registration Status Page.

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